White Smole, water 200deg C+


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TEMP IN FARENHEIGHT NOT CELCIUS- just me being an idiot

They say a picture paints a thousand words so-

Basicly a week ago I posted about water in my wells causing a misfire but today I have noticed white smoke in the rear view after gear changes, Got it on a diagnosis computer and noticed the water is up at approx 200deg which is frustrating because the gauge on the dash is showing 1/3rd travel.

also I have changed the oil reacently and this is now filthy and over filled with poor pressure when running.

I also have a high Idle which Ive been chasing for a while now.

Whit Smoke,
Water 200deg+
High Idle
Dirty Oil
sooty exhaust
fans not kicking in

I fear the worst but am interested to hear what others think?
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seems to high that ive never heard of it going so high

white smoke is usually condensation or headgasket

sometimes a cracked head, which would also explain your missfire.

compression test it

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noticed the water is up at approx 200deg which is frustrating because the gauge on the dash is showing 1/3rd travel.

also I have changed the oil reacently and this is now filthy and over filled with poor pressure when running.

It could be worth doing a compression check just to be on the safe side.

I think the fans come on at 94degs. Mine will go that high if stuck in traffic and the gauge never moves, but the fans come on and knock it back down agian, or I put them on manually via the aircon switch and do it abit earlier.

If you've over filled your oil drain some out to the correct level. Even though you say it's white smoke, it could be oil burning off due to being sent through the breather into the intake or it being so high it's affecting the turbo oil drain and this is then causing some oil to go part the turbo seals and burn off. (oil smoke is supposed to be blue, but it's always looked white to me tbh)

Oil has always gone black in any car I've owned. It's just soot(carbon) in suspension. I know some lucky people can have clean oil, but never me.


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fast guy- This could be a good call. Im pretty sure It wasnt overfilled but the exhaust is covered in soot so the shoe fits.

red reading

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lol at the water temp, put decent oil in to the right level and you will be able to tell more. missfire is deff ignition related i have all ignition parts that are in good condition if you want to try and buy them.


as said check your levels oil etc

a compression test wont always tell you if theres a blow in a headgasket as it depends where its blowing!!!
by all means it wont hurt to do one just to check......do the test first of all by removing one plug at a time and note the readings.
then do the test again with all plugs removed and see if readings drop between any 2 cylinders, if they do then there could well be a blow betwee those 2 pots.

best way though is to use a chemical checker and see if it changes colour....you can also varify by very hard pressurised pipes, mayo coloured oil or oily residue in headertank all of which could indicate a blow in head gasket


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very embarresing but In my defence Im used to working with much higher temperatures so 200degc seemed pretty chilly. still feel like a prat though:oops:

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Agree with bob. Had a car in recently, with a really blown head gasket. It had pushed part of the gasket out the side of the block. but that cyl showed good compression. A block test however shows large amounts of exhaust gas in the cooling system - a dead give away of certainty of blown headgasket. also had the other normal factors, such as water in oil/mayo/smoke etc etc.


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Just out of interest, has this "white smoke" started appearing with the weather getting colder?

It's not just condensation taking a long time to clear because you've got a large bore exhaust is it? - You'd be surprised how many times that comes up as a "fault" at around this time of year.

I'm not saying that's definitely your problem, but it's worth checking to see if it goes away once the exhaust is at temperature. It does sound a little like a pin-hole gasket leak to me (so when the water or oil starts building pressure it's escaping into the cylinders/exhaust - at high revs it's moving too fast for you to notice)... of course it could be that you're worrying about nothing. ;-)

RE The oil. I've only ever had it stay clean after flushing the block with a can of solvent (then with clean oil to rinse it out), then taken the sump off and cleaned that too. Usually it starts going black again within a couple of days of me changing it.


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I hope to god it is just condensation but im talking a massive plume of smoke about 2 secs after gear change and I have seen condensation smoke before and its not quite as dence as what I have coming out the back of mine. Ive taken out some oil and will see how it does tomorrow.