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After reading threads and looking at the wiring diagrams i attempted to convert my 92 import Pulsar. When i had the clocks out the plugs did not fully match the wiring diagram so i chickened out. Can somebody look at the info below and confirm that i splicing into the correct wire. I believe i need splice the chip into the grey and yellow wire?

The speedo converter i am using is an SP2000 Blue Chip - it came with car!?

Back of speedo.jpg

speedo wiring diagram.jpg


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Possibly people are not entirely sure what you're asking.

Are you saying that the diagram you've been given doesn't match your car:
If the circuit/plugs on your car don't match the diagram, then the chances are pretty good it's for a series II car (and yours is a series I). I'm pretty sure Bob has had sucess in converting them by just switching the printed circuits over.

Are you asking how to wire-up the convertor you've got:
There is a sticky somewhere about this; I'm pretty sure it's the red, green, yellow, and black that you connect-up.
Obviously the red and black are power and earth... er... I know mine isn't spliced into anything; it's got ring connectors on it, and they're connected to the back of the speedometer gauges. However, mine is converted, but it's not delimited.
I'll find you a link for that sticky because I'm not being very helpful here...


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OK ill take some pictures of the back of my speedo and the wires this weekend and see if i can ask the question a bit clearer


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Here goes hopefully a bit clearer.

Is the yellow and green wire highlighted by the red arrow the signal wire for the speedo?


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Speedo converterd

:-D all sorted

For info it is the solid green wire in the black connecter that is the speed signal wire.