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Hi there,

I have recently bought a 1992 gti-r and noticed the other day that the horn was not working. I replaced the pin in the steering column that makes contact with the steering wheel, still to no avail.

After closer inspection under the bonnet i have since found that the horn has been replaced, and moved over to one side, and the previous owner has "hotwired" the horn to work temporarily to get it through rego, and then cut the wiring. Unfortunately he has managed to butcher most of the wiring in the car. . . . sigh :cry: .

I need to find out what the colouring of the wire and plug is that the horn used to hook up to when it was in the centre behind the grill, and where the horn relay is located to help me trace the wiring to be able to reconnect it properly.

If i am unable to find this out i will have to re-wire the entire horn circuit from scratch. :(

If anyone can help me out it would be greatly appreciated, please try to be as descriptive as possible with colouring, eg: dark green with a white stripe, as there are heaps of wires.

Kevin. Australia.

Fast Guy

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Have you checked the fuse for the horn? I had one go, it's in the engine bay near the battery. (I think, quite a while ago now)


Thanx Fast Guy I found the fuse and relay, both are OK, i can use this as a starting point to trace the wiring across the front above the radiator to find the plug / wire.


MNy horn wasn't working because the metal contact disk on the wheel wasn't quite touching the copper contact on the steering wheel column.

I had to loosen the 3 screws fastening the plastic collar onto the steering wheel and push it back a bit...

Problem solved. 8)


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sounds lilke me..

ive a momo wheel and the horn worked then didnt the horn itself is fine (swapped them with a working 200sx horn) fuse is ok relay is ok....wiring on the momo is ok.... :cry: :cry: oh and now me car dont start!"!!!!! aggahah


I have got my horn working now but there was more than 1 fault with it and it took awhile to work it all out.

Look carefully to make sure that the pin is actually contacting the ring on the steering boss, and that the spring under the pin hasn't collapsed. This is one of the probs i had with mine, bought a spring from Bunnings and that solved that prob.

Although i tested the relay and was getting a reading across the coil, the relay itself was still cactus, and had to replace it with an aftermarket one like one used on driving lights. This wasn't a big hassle.

The idea is to look from where you made the last change and work your way back. If you have just replaced the boss then the pin is the likely culprit.

A way to do a quick test is to take off the boss so the pin is exposed and put a multimeter across the circuit - red on the pin, black to ground. If you see approx 12VDC then the circuit, and pin itself is OK. Put the boss back on and then test again - red on horn button wire, black to ground. If you see 12VDC then the pin is making contact with the boss and the button is the prob. If not then the pin is not contacting the boss. If everything is OK but the horn still don't work then the next thing to check is the relay itself - physically remove it and test it. Like i said mine tested OK on the meter but the contacts has fused open.

If you are still having probs let me know i will give you some more help.