Windshield (Sunstrip) Decal


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Always liked these :oops:. Not to sure why, !! Keep getting urge to put one on my pulsar ??Anybody else like this look ?


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if youve always liked them then try it. theyre not expensive and can always be taken off. it might look good if you get the right one to go with the car. i bet everyone would love to have one saying "max power" on it:p


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put one on..... with your chav exhaust you'll not hear people shouting "w @ n k a" as you drive past :lol:


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I used to have a black one with some red and white GTiR logo on it.

Then randomly after a few years I couldn't get it through the MOT as it "obscured vision" so had to take it off :( Looks better without it to be honest :D