wide arch kit how to!!!



ok im fitting a wide arch kit to my car at the mo so thought i would do a quick write up on how to fit for those that maybe planning on doing this
please note
this is based on fitting to track car and not a bling mobil but the same kind of principle is required only more care and attention to detail required if going on a show car! ive merely gone for ease of changing panels quickly if needs be:-D

tools etc required
rivets and gun
general hand tools
silicone gun
joint sealant
filler if blending the panel to existing bodywork

anyway here goes:

car at start (no rust:shock:)

panel to be fitted which will need trimming here and there (make sure it fits before fixing the thing)

remove rear bumper and sideskirts

take said grinder or cutting tool and mark out around 2'' around edge of arch and cut through both skins, this will give you extra ride height to run bigger wider wheels without rubbing out on harsh cornering

clamp the inner and outer skins together ready to weld. you will need to use some persuation with a hammer to get them to meet, only clamp an area of 6'' at a time then tack weld the two skins together then move onto next 6'' and so forth untill skins are tacked all the way round

once you have tacked them then you need to seal them using seam sealer or similar, then prime all bare metal

i then painted area with gloss paint as primer is water absorbant

once you have done this you can then offer up the panel for fitting. as said earlier im using just pop rivets which will be exposed but if the panel is going to be a permenant fixture then you will be better to bond it to the existing rear flank then feather the edges with body filler to finished line so it naturally blends to existing bodywork. in which case the panel will require another 1'' cutting off the top edge to allow it to blend to the line an inch or so below the window

il complete the how to at end of week once ive finished and panels have been prepped, sprayed etc:)

btw if anyone would like to buy the se nissan rear bumper then i think im gonna flog that as i can make standard bumper fit.
its brand new and il take £200 for it (which is what i paid), its not really gonna be any good on a track car and i have standard rear bumpers in abundance so makes sense for me to fit standard as theres a good possibility of the f/g one getting damaged on track
here it is
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yes already have the fronts jim off my old car which are now already fitted!


steve ferguson has these on his car tbh they look8)


i know davey:-D
we had the moulds made from my existing wide wings so we both have a readily available supply should we need them (hopefully not)thought i would get them copied before fitting to my new car.
anything can happen on track so always good to have spare panels available when needed!
not cheap though but then what is these days:roll:


why thankyou sammy but i have to disagree personally i think it looks shit:lol::lol:
looks are not on my agenda however, its just a means to run the wide track without the thing scrubbing out on hard cornering.
im in the process of building the ugliest looking R ever haha!
kids will cry when they see the popriveted tie clipped monstrosity im creating:lol:


ok gents the kits fitted now so heres the rest of it for those thats interested!

the kit does require quite a bit of trimming here and there, and as you can see from photo the fuel tank cutout is miles too low so needs to be bridged and filled and another cutout made higher up:doh:

next the area needs to be masked then primed, i used a base and plastic primer mix as its less likely to crack

then you can topcoat it

gave both the front wings a fresh lick of paint whilst i had the gun out

also got the grinder out and cut off the metal overhang behind rear bumper so its flush with boot floor

shit picture but cutout the rear bumper and meshed it to aid with air through flow and stop the bumper acting as a parachute lol

left it to cure for a day then flatted painted areas down and compounded to finish
and heres how she looks, btw that rear bump strip is on straight its just the angle photo was taken from plus the curve outward makes it look lopsided!

overall the kits are very usefull and a must for anyone running wider track, looks wise....well from my point of view not really interested in looks but i guess its either one of those things you hate or love.
panels would look better if they were blended in with existing bodywork but as said earlier, that would just make them more difficult to change from my point of view!
at £150 a corner the panels arent cheap and i think they could at least have got the bloody fuel cap position right before selling them, just extra work thats needless when fitting the things i reckon.
so there you go chaps:-D
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looks well boby, they should have done this from day one like the escort cosworh, and impreza 22B with metal panels


thanks chaps!
cant wait till 29th now to see what shes like on track, will be a bit gutted if it still scrubs out after all my endeavours:lol:


How have you increased the track bob?

mainly through the use of spacers. im running a total of 65mm on rears, the standard rims have 205 tyres fitted but when the slicks are on they are 235 wide. so basically it will be running 4'' wider at the rear end


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Cool, I was out in a car on slicks at the weekend, unbelieveable!
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