Taking intake apart


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Im going to take the intake apart along with the throttle bodies and give them a clean and make sure they are in good working order.

I will be changing the VAC lines underneath the throttle body and also thought it would be a good idea to change the coolant lines whilst im there.

Do i need to change the gaskets from the intake when i undo them or can they be reused?
What size and what hoses behind the block are coolant also what size are the vac lines?

Whilst the throttle bodies are off, is there any way of checking to see if they are even?

Thanks guys
i assume your taking the engine out, as doing that in situe is near impossible lol.
I just went to nissan to get my new hoses etc, found them very helpfull and quite cheap to?
i wish i could do this with engine in situ, i need to find the air leak i have, have high idel ect.. proberly the ISCV, guess the engine going to hae to come out for this :(

Jonnie R

I measured the hoses behind the throttle bodies to be 13mm (id). I'm removing the black vacuum box and won't be using idle control (am using a Power FC) so not sure if this size applies to all hoses behind there as standard.

As others mentioned... engine out for such a job.

Good luck


I managed to take it out with the engine in..... needless to say there was blood, sweat and tears and a lotta cursing! I'll never do that again!


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Oh gay because i was definately gonna leave the engine in and then take them apart in peices.
I know the bolts under the throttle bodies will be hard to get to but thought it was doable.

Are the hoses able to be changed with the engine in and the Throttle bodies in tact?


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kirko said:
you can easily do it wit engine in situ;-)

its a little awkward but nothing life threatening:thumbsup:
hahaha ok fair enough, so just get the coolant hoses through nissan and also the vac lines???


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again it can be done in situ, you can order alot of the hoses through samco as a kit the 7 piece ancillary kit but it does not come with the elbows for the air flow you need 13mm 90 degreee elbows about 4 i think


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I've just taken the throttle bodies off with the engine in situ, to change the knock sensor.
It can be done and if you know what to look for, actually isn't that bad.

First off, you need to remove the plenum top half. You'll need varying lengths of 6mm allen keys for this.

Once that's off, you can go ahead with removing the throttle bodies. This is pretty straight forward but, there are 3 or 4 hoses that cause an issue.
Firstly, the 2 hoses that go from the AAC valve to the throttle bodies. These will need the spring clips removing and you should then be able to get the throttle bodies off with force, if you twist the pipes to break any seal.
There are also two pipes that are uses to heat the throttle bodies. I cut these up as, I didn't want the throttle bodies heated. As far as I could see, this was the only way to remove these from the access that was available. Of course, that means that you won't be able to re-attach them either. Again, this is no bad thing as, you'll just be deleting a superluous part that will most probably sap power.
You just need to remember to loop the coolant pipes back into each other, to stop any coolant loss.

The only other part to undo and bin is the 'Y' bracket on the back of the engine. From my point of view, this is just over engineering and will save you some weight at the front.

The only pain there was with re-assemble was 1 nut to fix the throttle bodies down. This is at the driver side end and is nigh on impossible to get to. I just used some instant gasket to stick the nut to a ring spanner and very gently did it up. Everything else was pretty straight forward and much quicker to do than dis-assembly.

I hope that helps.



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Yer i mean i had a look over it and the TB come apart in 3 stages with gaskets on all 3.
I thought just take it apart in stages and go from there.
The vac lines are underneath the final part of the throttle bodies from what i can see so once the final part of the throttle bodies is off all the vac lines just lift off with it bar from 1 or 2 as mentioned.

My only other options is to do it all from underneath which i can see now as being a bitch to do.

Whats situ mean sorry


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You'll be lucky to get them off in stages, simply because you can't get a spanner in to undo the second stage of nuts holding the lower plenum half to the throttle bodies. The space between certain runners isn't sufficient.
If you could do that, it would be very easy to get them all apart.

The real killer is the 'Y' bracket. Once that's gone, it would be much easier to do.

If you have a look at the pictures in the gallery, you might get a better idea of what needs doing.

An extendable magnetic rod would be very handy too. And a set of ratchet, flexible ring spanners, particularly a 12mm one.

Situ - as in the engine has not be removed and is still situated in the engine bay.