Speedo and clocks


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I know what you are all thinking..... Oh no not this question again but bear with me. I had a professional replace my clocks with the 180 dials as it still had the 115 kph imports. When he replaced them he said the speedo was buggered. Being the clever fellow I am I had bought a spare set from Ebay so I grabbed those and he then told me that all 4 clocks were completely shagged :doh:

I have lived without a speedo for some time and not long ago bought a digital speedo to mount in my dashboard so it is not a burning issue. But the question is does anywhere repair clocks that you guys know about. I could quite easily get another set from here or ebay but still wont have any guarantee that they are 100% working. From memory it is any pressure on the needle does them in so I am not sure if it is even able to be repaired.

Thoughts? Cheers guys