lee lee

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right! well after the garage took the crank pully off the block today (as there was oil everywhere around it) low and behold it was ****ed lol and just split in two and the rubber seal was just in bits

so need to order some pullys

can anyone recommed some?



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Take the Forge crank pulley off and have a look at it.;-)

Mine was cracking around the centre. I know Turblios did exactly the same.

It also had a nice groove in it fron the crank seal, which was leaking. (Odins did that)

fubar andy

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I used a Forge one for less than 10 months and it when tits up

Used these guy's in the end, over 12 months now and its spot on :thumb:

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yep ive got one lee all in good order, pm me to sort out details.

forgeys are no good for reasons said above.