Pic request - factory oil cooler


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Spew the cooler off and do this....

Just digging this up after a couple years :lol:

The day after i put my car back on the road one of the water hoses to the standard cooler split so i'm going to bin it all off, block the hole where the water comes off the block and weld up where it goes back into the big metal water pipe on the rear of the engine.

Is it just the mocal cover plate i need to order? Or does it need an adaptor or anything?


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I used rubber plugs to block both hoses. Easily reversable.

You need to fabricate a threaded pipe which connects the cover plate to the OE oil cooler housing.



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Cheers, that shouldn't be a problem then i'll just machine one up at work 8)

I've decided that the 2 small coolant hoses that go to the bottom of the inlet may as well get binned too whilst i'm at it. Basically anything thats not needed is going as the less pipes there is the less chance of something leaking.