Pic request - factory oil cooler

Hi guys

Anyone got a pic of the rear of the SR20 showing the factory oil cooler? I just need to see the water pipes.



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Thanks mate, that's a really good pic. Can't quite see where the water pipes go though.
Ahhh... I thought you just wanted to see the water pipes...:lol:
Sorry... that's the best I have on the subject... hopefully somebody else can enlight pictoraly where they go... ;-)


the rear water pipe goes to outllet on the block itself and the front bent pipe goes to intake on the main pipe.
you cant really go wrong really as the pipes will only fit one way!
Thanks, Bob. Just wanted a clearer idea of where they go as this area is a bar-steward to see anything (as most people are no-doubt aware).


hi i have an engine and box sitting in the garage if there is any specific pic you require Jim.
Jim, thanks, just showing where the two oil cooler water pipes connect to would be helpful.

Stumo, I've just removed a remote oil cooler as it's just too much for over here. Never get up to speed for long enough for it to be an issue. The car club events that are over here are tight, twisty circuits that are over in a minute or so. The oil just doesn't get stressed. The factory cooler needs to be present though, running without at the moment. Oil's not getting over 90 deg, but if I came over to the mainland and hit a motorway, I could see it getting a fair bit hotter.


i have an external cooler, but the sandwitch plate comes of the filter, and still uses the watercooled oil colleras well , is there any benifits, or drawbacks to this method ?
Probably not a huge difference whether you leave the std cooler in place or not I'd have thought. Mine currently has an oil filter where the cooler should be (so I have 2 oil filters atm).


hi im only running about 5 mins at the autocross , but the car is usually driven hard , and flat out in 3 rd gear , im seeing oil temps of about 140, 150, with external oil coller, water tems are usualy around 90 ,running silkoline pro s which seems fine at these temps , also not sure how accurate the gauge is , would like to try and keep these down as low as possible, im running a twin core copper rad, i have a alloy koyo to fit , if required, but could be written of in next race , so an expensive option,
I've just given mine a little thrash along a well-known bit of road over here, about 4 miles long. Speeds of 100-120. Oil temp never got above 90 deg. That's without a factory oil cooler, ProAlloy rad (water temp is always 78-80 deg according to the PFC), oil temp measured by aftermarket gauge. I also use Silkolene 10W50.

140-150 deg seems very hot to me. Are these temps measured on the stock gauge?


no using after market gauge, electronic, and taking readings from original sender,{may get a mechanical gauge } may have to see if i can check if readings are true, drive my road car quite hard and no probs with oil temps , but at higher speeds geting more air flow through the ca,r not usre if a rad fan on the oil cooler would help,