New Pulsar 2015

Not sure if this was already posted...

pulsar 2.jpgNissan Pulsar GTI 1.jpgpulsar03.jpg

I like it, a lot!

Apparently will/would use a 2l turbo renault engine from the megane RS


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Isn't this an old story? This was a concept car (at the Bangkok Autosalon?) that, for obvious reasons, enthusiasts were trying to encourage them to make.

EDIT: Thread from June last year. - Same pictures.

I think they're bringing the Pulsar back to markets like Australia as the replacement (the Tiida?) didn't sell and they lost a huge chunk of market.

If you've got a more recent source, please share it with us.

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There is defintley going to be a new almera. I would expect a Nismo job as well but who knows what that will look like.
It'll look crap and boring like most of their recent cars.

Nissan have said they will make Nismo versions of all their new cars, there more styling rather than performance, look at the Nismo Duke for example!


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Nissan’s chief planning officer Andy Palmer. Speaking to CAR’s Ben Pulman, Palmer hinted the new Almera could still pack a controversial punch. ‘Not everyone will love it, but we know it's not a car everyone will love’
It's going to be fugly then :hide:

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If the engine block etc is strong enough then there is no reason why 500hp is not achievable , wasn't jaguars prototype hybrid super,turbo thing a 1.6 and that was over 500hp, and above all if done right reliable