Mines ECU - No difference?


Guys i bought a Mines Ecu off here a few months ago, only just got chance to get it fitted and there is no difference at all that i can notice from the standard ecu?

I have taken the cover off the ecu and it has the sames mines board fitted inside as all the previous mines ecus i have had.

Car is running 1 bar with the usual mods.

With the mines ecu it even still has the speed restrictor and rev limiter as standard.

Anything i might have missed?


I could be talking cobblers but i think possibly on the back of the standard ecu board a really tiny chip has to be moved from i think position cj1 to cj2,if this tiny chip was still in cj1 i think it would still possibly be running the stock map.

But as above ed will know better.

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Stock ecu has no daughter board, and yes as gtirx2 says above, if its jumper has not been moved it will be on stock map. Unlikely however that a daughter board would be fitted and the jumper not changed.


Looks like its definitely been played around with, heres a couple of pictures of the board:

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Looks like someone has tried to re solder the board as if its was fitted for a Nistune?
Christ that is some of the worst soldering I have ever seen!!
When I fit my Mines at first I didnt notice any difference but that was because my knock sensor was faulty (code 34). Once that was replaced it was all good. Just a suggestion??
To be honest it's more likely to be something amiss with that ECU judging by the way someone has butchered it.

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I sold this to Billy, it had been on my car and did appear to work ok. I've offered a full refund, didnt realise it was that bad.

Ill get it sorted.

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It will be working. If not the ECU would be in limp mode. I don't think thats in question, but if billy doesn't notice some difference with it, perhaps he would benefit from having stuff checked on his car.