Isle of Man Weekender 2016 (September)

Jon Olds

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We have recce d some of the rally route and its narrow, very narrow
And bumpy, and blind.........

johnny gtir

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Tragic loss of Ian bell of Ian bell motocycles local to me from Bedlington Northumberland at this years tt RiP


Well unfortunately guys I wont be attending in an R. Had a smash in mine and just started the breaking process. Hit a patch of wet road under trees on a 2nd gear hairpin back road corner, no drama as i was driving casual then as it straightened an I applied a bit of boost the back end decided to take a step out. Wasn't expecting it and was to slow to react, sods law it clipped a wall at what must have been the almighty sweet spot of the wrong angle and weight point demolishing the nsf leg and transferred shock up the a pillar. If anyone that will be coming over needs any parts let me know and I will make sure they are off an don't get scrapped with the shell.

Will just have to attend in an alternative old Nissan of mine lol.


Also if Andy, Jim or George want to add me on FB to keep in contact easier as I will less likely been on here as consistently

fubar andy

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Woah bad news man!

To be honest I'm not sure if we'll even be coming over this year.

I believe Jim is super busy, I'm very committed with a number of activities and responsibilities over Aug and Sept which doesn't help and no car...

I'm not sure about George, it might be a 2017 IOM weekender at this rate unless people say otherwise?


Hi Guys,

I was just wondering what was going on with this. I never really thought i'd make it this year due to other commitments, but sounds great and pretty sure I'd like to join you next year. I will keep a watch on this thread!



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That's flipping annoying. Especially after you waited so long to get it on the road. Really sorry to hear it Kieran, glad you're okay even if the car is stuffed. I think as Andy says, this year is slipping through our fingers so September is looking difficult. We will need to get over to the Iom again and would be a pleasure to meet up again. Please PM me your facebook details as I suck at FB