intake pipe routing issues


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im getting a real annoying dip in power/flatspot on my R just before the turbo comes in, only really does it on WOT. have checked quite a few things but have been told it could be down to my intake pipe routing,something to do with turbulance...? im running a hiteq intake pipe on my r which is a pretty straight run that sits behind the passengers head light. would be interested to hear if anybody else come across this problem when altering the intake pipe?

any info apreciated thanks - dan 8)


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h my brother had trouble on his car when he made his own intake pipe but his would go to cut out and flood when you rev it and let it come to idle he has now made the pipe slightly longer and its ok now


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might be something to do with air flow readings, but i cant see it being a problem to be honest on wot the engine is taking in as much air as possible its more likely an air mass sensor fault, if its to do with the intake