Ignition timing

Bart GTI-R

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Hi all

Iv tried reading how to set the ignition timing but it isnt that clear on the how to!! Just wondered if someone could give me some pointers

I know Iv got to set the TPS so il do that first

I know the engine has to be at running temp
Turn engine off
Then the TPS has to be disconnected
Then restart the engine and rev it a couple of times

But then I get lost with the marks on the pulley

Iv got a sealy timing gun with adjuster from 0 - 60

When flashing it at the TDC mark on the pulley its showing the timing about 40 !!

Do i just keep adjusting the dizzy till its flashing at around 18 on the TDC mark or how is it done. The car is running way too rich at the mo

Thanks for any info