how to remove rear screen


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i gather there is a few that have done this,i need to remove mine as it is having a respray coz it was getting a bit tatty,ive had a look, to be honest it looks a pig to do,so can anyone that has removed theres without breaking it give me a few pointers,cheers :thumbsup:



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You have to use a saw like a cheese cutter...its a pain in the ar* you have get a hole through the glue then work your way around the screen with the flexable blade.
I agree the easyer way is locla windscreen fitter, plus you will also need a new rubber seal after and they are around £40.
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Get a cheese wire/piano string or strong fishing tackle for tuna or kingfish or what ever like brace pan says, but stick the wire into a corner over the edge of the glass and cut out the glue using it like a sawing action its best used by two people with short peices of wood as the handles and work your way around the window its a peice of piss to do just take your time and dont get frustrated because its taking a while to do it will take a long time if you've never done it before.

we used to use air operated tools to cut the glue away but 9 times out of 10 it fucked up the tail gate from gouges and sctratches = more work .


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I did mine a few years ago because I hated the hard shrunken oe rubber around the glass. I have a mate that works for Autoglass, he was kind enough to lend me the tools for the job

Bonded Windscreen Removal Tool

and just in case

stainless wire

but I did the whole job with the Bonded Windscreen Removal Tool.

The oe rubber has that slightly domed top exposed seamingly sealing the joint between glass and bodywork, using a stanley blade/sharp craft knife flat against the glass, carefully run the blade under the rubber and all the way round the glass removing the exposed rubber. Then using the carefully work the blade of the removal tool between/under the glass, then slowley work it all the way round the glass.

The glass itself is quite tuff as it's hardened, but still take care and all will be fine.

Hope that helps