How to Adjust Ignition Timing


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All credit to Frank (Turblio).

Before you carry out this little task it is vital the engine is at full working temp as our cars run at a few degrees of advance until warmed up,
To set/check your ignition timing.

Run engine to normal temperature,
Stop engine,
Disconnect TPS (the TPS plug can be found under the right hand side of the top mount sometimes attached to a black retaining clip)
Restart engine and rev it to 3500 rpm 3 or 4 times (this puts the ecu into timing reset mode I have been told)
Connect timing light
You want the 20 degree mark (right hand side mark)
There should be 6 marks and they will be (from the back to front) -5, 0, +5, +10, +15, +20
Move dizzy so the correct mark lines up with the pointer
Stop engine
Reconnect TPS
Restart engine and road test should be better than before
Listen for pinking, if you are not using a high octane fuel you may need to back the timing off to about 18 degrees



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:D Hi mate,tried to check my timing today :wink: Right,i got the car up to running temp,switched it off and removed the TPS plug,re-started the car and the rev's went up to 1300 revs :shock: :? is it supposed to do this :?: as i thought it wasnt,anyway i reved the car to 3400 revs 4 times and the revs were still at 1300 :? checked the timing and the timing marks were about 2 inches to the left of the needle :shock: :? Any ideas what i'm doing wrong :?:
hmmm said:
Disconnect TPS (the TPS plug can be found under the right hand side of the top mount sometimes attached to a black retaining clip)
Whats this TPS plug? what does it stand for? :doh:


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What does this plug look like? I havent got a top mount or any retaining clips, so it'll be floating around somewhere!


its on the right hand side of throttle bodies (just below a big green spring) it is a brown coloured plug
i found it earlier, i just forgot to edit my post lol,

i think ive got a leak somewhere though, my car idles at 1500 all the time, and didnt move when i unpluged that TPS thing

i think it might be my chamber though to be honest, when i done my head a few months back i noticed the chamber had been bodged back to gether, can u fit them seperatly or do i need to by a new inlet fannymold? :lol:


dont know what you mean mike, 'what do you mean bodged back together???
if the manifold is leaking then find out where its leaking from and fix it
you know the air chamber at the back of the inlet, it looks like who ever had the car before has covered it in some of that liquid metal stuff to fix a leak or something


ah right that could well be the prob then if you got a major leak on there.
if you havent got the Y bracket on the back then it wont be too bad a job to change that over (no need to remove plenum or anything)
i cant really remember if the brakets there or not to be honest, i think i'll just pull the whole lot off next weekend and have a bash at it, see if that helps