Handling experiences after fitting an LSD


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austingtir said:
This is an intresting subject front and rear lsd's.

Iv been doing a little research i wonder about the interchangeability with other makes of car. As our cars are not the only cars to run the r180 rear diff although we run a 3.7 final drive which is rare.

I know for a fact that early wrxs among others run a r180 diff although the cover was different i wonder weather the internals were the similar/same/diff ratio??
Also the part no. 38420-RS420 a google search gives you an outfit in the states that possibly can supply listed as a nissan frontier 4*4. They also have the front listed.

I also know that the nissan altima nismo front lsd is the same part no. 38420-RS426 as a gtir front lsd and retails for around $800US. Not sure if its exactly the same diff?? I guess the only thing missing is the nismo drive shaft that is needed to fit it.

Just thought i would post this if anyone else knows weather these will work for a fact or not would be good.

that the problem
a lot people mistake with front LSD and Centre LSD
38420- RS426 in term of GTIRoc, it is called center LSD

Front LSD is is where it connect to the rear transfer
The Front LSD is the one need the special drive shaft
Hmm o.k its listed everywhere under that part no as a front lsd having not pulled im sure you are right that it is a center.

So whats the part no for the actual front one i suppose no one knows?


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The front diff is more ball shaped and the centre like a bell and maybe twice the size.

I'd been led to believe the rear diff was plated but some people now say it isn't.Has anyone opened one up to find out?


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there was group buy for front diff in the oz, shalom said that if enough peep were interested the company that made them might make a few more. they were same design as torsen t2!. simon/cmng do you have any pics of the center lsd?. does it have same shape and gear configuration?



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Here some pic

centre LSD.. nothing much can see since the only way to see is
look at side.. all is plate

The Front LSD. look at the shape compared to OEM one
Nismo mechanical Front LSD.


the driveshaft.. it is longer than normal

38420-RS426 This part no. is for the center lsd..

so just put that in google and you will find a shop or two that sell it. They list it as a front but as cmng says it should deff be the center for our car. I would see if they can send pics before you buy it though.

Checkerflag also list it as front for that part no. and then they list the nismo drive shaft so i dunno?


BabyGodzillaGTi-R said:
I brought this up as i'm into offroading and i noticed that even a Range Rover with LOCKED diffs front and rear but still retaining a viscous centre diff the vehicle still can go into 2wd in extreme situation.


Range Rovers are constant 4wd all the time :wink: . They have never made 2wd ever in any forms or variants :wink: . The only way to convert a rover to 2wd is to remove drive shafts or axles, which can be done. I used to have rover with manual difflock in the center(factory fitted) and maxi drive diff lock front and back. With this set up all wheels turn at the same time. I also drive a rover with viscous couple center diff with maxi drive diff locks fitted front and back. With this set up all wheels turn at the same time all the time in exactly the same way. Both Rovers have been used extensively off road. A viscous center diff is not as good as lock center diff for off roading from my experience with 4 versions of the series 2 discos(fitted with traction control), but with lock diffs front and back it makes no difference at all.

Technically you only ever need to lock two :wink: of the diffs in a three diff car to make all the wheel turn at the same time so the viscous coupling does not even matter.


Twin Max Drives.......
I'm so envious....
Well it's just that i was surprised i managed to get my bone stock RR to have almost all the power channeled to the front.
Anyway i just binned the BorgWarner and slapped in the LT xxx from the Disco series 1.
So now i've a centre diff lock.
Are u on www.outerlimits4x4.com forums?
Like u said the viscous coupling centre diff still slips. Just curious say if the 2 front wheels is completely stuck. Do u still get enough drive for the rear wheels to drive u out? It's just that i thought in theory u wouldnt fully benefit having front and rear locked diffs if the centre still "slips"?

Do u take part in the Outback Challenges and stuff or even the Tuff Truck events? I would love to take part in the Rainforest Challenge one of these days.
Pardon us for going way off topic.


WooHooo, ive just stripped an old trandfer box and foud a front LSD in it but it's different to the nismo one.........


Ooops silly remeber login crap blah blah blah... that was my post above about finding the diff. :oops: