dtm cup mirriors on the R


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hi everyone i might get slated for asking this,but has anyone fitted a pair of dtm cup mirrors,am asking because i have acquired a pair for nowt,if anyone has can they post some pictures up on this thread so i can see what they look like before i decide on fitting the ones i have,cheers:thumbsup:


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cheers for the replys guys,the only reason i was going to fit them was to save a bit of weight,i imagine the standard electric folding mirrors and all the gubbins ie wiring,would be pretty heavy compared to these,save weight where possible dont you think.

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save a bit of weight :shock:

if you are that concerned with losing such a little amount then why not drive without socks?

if you are getting them for nowt why not flog them on ebay


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I used to have them on my Corsa :doh: Don't ask! This was before Corsas were the chavwagons they've now become, honest! I used to think they suited the bubble shape of a Corsa.

But not on an R, Nissan obviously took inspiration from a building site when they designed it, as everything is modelled on a breeze block. If you want to eliminate drag for a top speed run, tuck them in. They weigh bugger all anyway, so it's not going to make a blind bit of difference.