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Hello, basically am wanting a rolling shell with engine failure, gearbox failure, mot failure, do not have a lot of cash but would love another pulsar and a project. 07871912134 thank you Tommy


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Im selling
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Once again guys looking for a very cheap pulsar?! Open to anything so let me know what you guys have got?! thank you


have a grey shell needs the arches done, complete, with alloys, mint interier , could supply a good gear box, and complete engine with low compression , offers
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Thank you for the offer mate but you are the other end of the country from me which would call more problems for me to pick up, thank you anyway and good luck with sale


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Fire & Skill that is a great find! Thanks for the free advertising :)

It's a bit far for Bob to travel I think, I'm from the North-West of Lancashire.

If anyone has any questions please feel free to ask. I'm in 2 minds what to do to be honest, sell up and shop around in a couple of months or get a standard rebuild (which is miles away).

Fire & skill

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are you only in Morecambe? not too far from me, looks like a good shell. IIRC did you buy this then the engine went on the way home?


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You are correct, that's me. Had plenty of interest which is encouraging. Either way, hopefully I'll be back on the road sometime in the near future. The 30 miles drive I did has given me the bug!