Carbon bits List

Right lads im ready to make bits up but need to know numbers!

Side Bonnet Vents- if quantity of 10 or more £65 pair

Spark Plug Cover - £50 ech

carbon fibre full moulded door cards - What sort of price is considered reasonable???

Carbon replacement trim for centre console gauges £35

Carbon inserts for the Dash to fit Apexi - £35

Carbon Arch Trims - £50 all 4

Just put ur name down and give me numbers of how many ppl want what???

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Nissanmansco said:
carbon fibre door cards - Dunno deff price on but would like to know deffo numbers for who ants them???
You'll have to give us an idea. I'd want some at the right price :wink:


Hi bud

Carbon arch trims £50 for all 4 or £50 each? And are they standard looking?.


PS discount? :lol: :wink:


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the door cards...

i dont want speakers or electric windows :wink: just a nice flat card....i presume you'd be doing a direct replacement for standard :?: how much you'd want for the above please fella as i'll be starting the interior soon 8)


Would be interested in the arch trims and also the centre console once we got some pics


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would it be possible to do the centre console with the ash try and cigarette lighter blanked off?

Also when will u have some pics of the door cards?