80mm Maf wiring starting to annoy me!


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im still trying to work out the correct way to wire up my maf and hopefully someone will be able to help as i think im moving in the right direction!!

after scanning the web i've found out the wiring order for the new plug into the stock maf.

from what i can make out it goes like this using a guide from the Z32 wiring diagrams as they use the same 6pin plugs:

new plug:
A: Blank
B: White (AF signal out)
C: Black (Ground)
D: Black (Ground)
E: Red/Green (+12V)
F: Blank

Stock Maf:
A: Orange (+12v)
B: White (ecu and spur to earth)
C: Orange (To relay)

from this i presume the new white goes to the relay wire, and the red/green to the power wire but when i wired it up in this way i saw 15millivolts on the power fc where on ignition with the stock maf i get at least 500millivolts (0.5V)

i switched the white and red/green wires over and got 5115millivolts displayed so i know they are the right wires.

what i cant seem to work out is;
a) do i need to fit both earths as ive seen posts that only 1 will do, and can it be ran seperatly or does it need to go into the stock loom.
b) have i got the connections the right way round as last time i attempted this i saw about 35millivolts but the car wouldnt run
c)is there any way i can use the stock maf but in a 3" pipe if i cant get any more luck with this one and how would i go about it??


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Is it the 80mm Scooby MAF by any chance... AWD used that on thier car.. Might be work giving Dave a call....



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nah its not a scooby one, defineatly came off a nissan of some sort, maybe a maxima or something like that?

ive just found my old post which mentioned using the stock maf sensor in a 3" pipe, but would i still be able to get the car to run on the pfc base map or do i need to alter the set points etc before starting the car?