4 Wheel alignment


Does this make alot of difference???? only asking as i have never had it done - is it something that should be done often?

Only my m8 (who has an FTO with nearly 300BHP) just had his done today along with other bits but the guy said his camber was well out. The guy who owned it b 4 him had 18's fitted - camver was at 5 degrees, race cars usually have it set at 4. It is now down to 3.5 degrees.


It does make a lot of difference if your geometry is out. I would get it done anyway, get some camber bolts fitted and I bet you will notice the difference (not to mention the reduced wear on your tyres :wink: ). If you go to powerstation it might be worthwhile taking a little extra cash if you havent already got the whiteline or bumpsteer removal kits....


Japanese Performance Mag did an article on the laser alignment for their project company car, a scooby wrx sti wagon. They said that it transformed the car. 'You would have thought that an expensive suspension mod had been fitted'.

I couldn't tell if it had made that much difference as I had it done at the same time as loads of other mods......whiteline etc.......but there are loads of peformance car owners that sware by it. If you are serious about your handling I say get it done.

Oh and I think it costs about £60 + VAT.


thanks very much for clearing that one up. Yes when i had a RR tune @ powerstation I priced it up and they wanted £60.00

Thanks again


yes it is worth it, ive had 3 now over the last 9 months, and judging by my tyres (8 months and 7000 miles usage) you cannot tell which are the front and which are the back and there is NO uneven wear or wear on the inside edge.
VERY impressed with the way Nick @ Powerstation set it up.
He even gets you to sit in the car to set it up spot on 8) :twisted: