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    Cheap R

    i have one for sale, running, good body tax and mot, cheap pm me if interested.
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    CV joints - are these any good for the price?

    £12.99, chuffing criminal NOT to buy one, just added that link to my favourites. just go`s to show how cheaply these things can be made, and then a huge mark-up some people put on them.
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    RB26 Swap

    fair play to you for even trying this, but where the feck is the steering rack going to go? the skyline box and bellhousing are large items and they sit exactly where the rack should be, cant see how you are going to get it to fit unless you "undersling" it, but then its going to be way to low.
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    regular unleaded/ super unleaded

    hi people, my car has a "stutter" when on full load/throttle, more so when cold. i know this is a topic in the help section, but was just wondering what fuel people were using. would superunleaded help that much? have always run regular in my skylines and never had any probs, but am willing to...
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    Problem with car on full load

    but how do you sort a code 34? have got new leads cap and arm but the problem remains.
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    Problem with car on full load

    has this been resolved, my pulsar has exactly the same problem. will get out and check everything when the weather is good.
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    standard wheel/tyre size.

    cheers dude. anyone know the equivelent 15" tyre to give the same rolling radius.
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    standard wheel/tyre size.

    hi people. can some one tell me what the original wheel and tyre size is for a jdm pulsar. have got 17`s on at the moment with stupidly low profile tyres on, which is fine for any town dwellers but i live in the arse end of nowhere and the roads are shite, also its affecting my acceleration and...
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    FMIC pipe

    hi guys, am after the piece of pipe that comes from the turbo to feed a FMIC, normally short reduced piece with three bolt flangewhich then go`s into larger longer piece of pipe. only need this piece not complete setup, hope you know what i mean. cheers.