Xtreme bodylines front bumpers


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While I was busy getting prices for the 1/24th scale models I forgot to mention that I also got some prices for these babies http://www.xtremebodylines.co.nz/products/view_cat.php?id=104

I know that there has been a thread about these before http://www.gtiroc.com/forums/showthread.php?t=21428 but there are now 3 different designs and there are piccies on the website.

This is what the chap put in his email to me:

1 Front (3 styles) 202.109 GBP + 102.961 GBP Freight + 66 GBP customs + VAT

5 or more less 10%, 10 or more less 20%, 20 or more less 30%

Freight is priced per m3, min 1 m3 and customs is a fixed cost, so the

larger the order the cheaper the freight and customs per item.
As you can see, there is good money to be saved with increased quantities.

I'm sure that if there is enough interest in these Rob / vpulsar / Thundergod / Odin :roll: ,or whatever he is called now, will be more than happy to start another group buy :pound:

Please note that the prices were given to me almost a year ago and were based on the exchange rates at the time.

If anybody that bought a bumper last time would be kind enough to comment on the quality, fitting, service etc or even post up some piccies, it would be much appreciated.8)


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ashills said:
why make an gtir look like a nova sorry i mean evo
:noidea: some people like things like that.

I'm a fan of the standard bumper, although I'm quite keen on Kev's (bumper)


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i had the evo type bumper a few years ago on group by on forum needs a little bit of work to fit ,if u can get 10 people then the price will drop aloooooooooot


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The reason some people fit them is because deep down all R owners want an evo ;-) So to suppress their evo loving desires they like to give the front end the look of one so when they look at it from a certain angle (with their eyes slightly closed) they can pretend for a minute they actually have one :der: :lol:

Then they wake up and realise that its actually just a tuned up pensioners shopping car with a fooking great cheese grater on the bonnet and they've actually made it look even worse by fitting an evo bumper :noidea: