WTB Interior Parts


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I recently bought another '91 Pulsar that's a bit of a fixer upper. One of the owners before me had a cage in it and cut up the carpet. Does anyone know where I can find a used or new carpet?

I also need some other items like sun visors, plastic piece that covers the interior roof light and the plastic door that covers the interior fuse panel.

I'm in Canada so obviously must be willing to ship internationally.



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Best bet is to find someone breaking one on eBay. If you're willing to, buy the scummiest cheapest one you can and use it as a template to get a new one made up. If not, like I said, search for someone breaking one and fingers crossed its in good condition.


I think I have the fuse panel door in the shed of plenty , you can have it free , but I don’t know what the postage would be , it is not very heavy at all .
Carpet wise ,as suggested better to just get one made off a template .
I have made my own carpet before on another car , you are better off using very thin carpet as it flexes better around curves , what I did was to use a thin self adhesive sheet much like the sound dampening stuff for doors etc .
I got mine from work and it’s not commercially available due it’s spec - but about 3mm thick .
Cut ,shaped and stuck down , then laid carpet over the top , I used Velcro in various spots to hold it in place .
Easy to do and to date it was the quietest car I have ever been in .
You didn’t know the engine was running other than the Rev counter moved (I also lined the exhaust under the car too and the bulkhead as the stuff was rated to 800 deg And fireproof etc)