Wishbone Bush removal


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Whats the best way to remove the wishbone bushes so that i can put the antilift kit on, i havent got access to a ramp or pit, so far the cars up on axle stands, and ive tried to knock the bush off with a hammer and drive, but no joy - has anyone had better luck with another method?


I found taking these out much easier than I thought.
I used a hole saw ( believe it was around 32mm but can check when I get home) to drill out the rubber part of the bush. I then very carfully used a hacksaw to cut into the remaining metal outer casing of the bush being carfull not to cut through into the arm.
I made 2 cuts then used a punch to callaps the metal sleave, it then simple drifted out. Removed it prefectly with out a mark to the arm. Took about 20mins per arm.
If you measure the bush use a holesaw just a bit smaller this will then remove the rubber, drill from each side.
Hope this is of some help


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right looks like the dremels gona get a work out at the weekend then :!: while ive got the wheels off i may as well fit the bumpsteer to save some time, then i can see how much difference all these suspension change have made :!: :!: