Wierd starting problem?


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Well this week my R has been starting slugish which i faught was because its been really cold in the mornings. But yesterday i started the car after work and drove to kfc, atem my chicken pop corn meal hmmmm and went back to the car and it just about started! i parked my car up but had to move it, i literally turned it off and then started it agen and ther was nuffing jus ticking over very slowly! i left it and went back to it a hour after and it fired up fine?

Can anyone tell me what the prob myt be etc?



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try all the basics, try a new fuel filter first, change the plugs, check the dizzy cap/rotor arm for wear and check the ht leads for high resistance, sounds more like a fuel issue though so start with the filter first as its a common thing for them to get blocked


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Just had it looked at and apparently ive got a lazy starter motor which is on its way out! to supply and fit a new one been quoted £180?

is this good price?


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If you're only driving a few miles between starts and stops, the alternator won't get a chance to recharge the battery fully. Plus, if you have an old battery and one or more of the cells are just hanging in, the problem will be exacerbated.

First thing to do is decide how long the car is running at a decent rpm (2000 and above) between it being started and switched off. If you are doing a decent journey (10 miles or more) between them, I'd get the battery load tested. Then look at your starter etc...
As you've said, the cold weather will drop the efficiency of the battery too.

From what you describe, I'd think it's because you're not giving the battery long enough to replenish the charge used by starting.


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billyboy said:
A new battery was put on the car bout 3 weeks ago. and i drove it a good 8 or 10 miles?
New batteries can be duff too. I've certainly had at least one in the past !

With the amount of miles driven though, it should have charged the battery back up.

Have you checked alternator voltage ?

Before they attempt to change the starter motor, it might be worth checking the cables to it, as well as the connections ?!



£180 is a fair price for new starter fitted! especially if you still have the y bracket fitted.

if you want me to double check it for you (chargerate) then drop car down tomorrow afternoon or saturday and il do it whilst you wait so you will then know if starters deffo at fault;-)