wheel alignement been set up wrong ????


i took my car for it to be set up and now its wearing differently and pulling

here is a copy of it hope the translation is ok


carrossage= camber
chasse= castor
para = wheel alignement para
inclinaision de pivot = tilt and swivel king pin
angle inclus = trust angle

avant= front and before
arriere = rear
gauche = left
droit = right
ecart de carrossage = difference in camber
ecart de chasse = difference in castor
i thought the wheels had to be set to zero? on the front ????? as they have done 4 and 6 and the acceptable zone says 2-7 degrees? ??????


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Nope. That looks like the standard settings from Nissan for the car (although I don't know them off the top of my head); by default that's what you get unless you give them specific values you want it set to. - For example last time mine was in I told them set is as close to 0deg 0' as feasible because I get too much tire wear otherwise.

I think Nissan say the camber should be -0d50' to 0d45' at the front; Whiteline say -1d50', but you need their parts to achieve that. - Yours looks like it's in that range.
Nissan say the castor should be 0d30' to 2d00'; Whiteline again say more if you buy their parts. - Yours looks bang on the money.
Nissan say the toe-in should be 0d00' to 0d22' at the front; Whiteline say 0d00' - 0d02' to 0d07' seems reasonable to me; a bit of toe-in, but not so much that it's like driving a shopping trolley.

PS The acceptable zone is 2 to 7 minutes rather than 2 to 7 degrees.
thanks pobody do u know any specific set up for road handling ive been looking and apparently its better to wear the tyres on the inside for gd handling but any one know the measurments? ive got 205/45/16 tyres