Weird alternator issues??


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I've just started having issues with the battery light flickering and sometimes staying semi dimmed, sometimes flickrring fast then slow.

I've been to a workshop and they have done a charging, start and battery test and all has passed.

The light still flickers but it has developed an splutter which has gotten worse over the last day, I thought it was a ignition issue or a alternator issue due to the light.

ive pulled the plugs and now it's running lean, so possibly the pump is not getting the correct voltage?? the overflow has spat water out over the alternator but that has been recently relocated.

Now is there a possibility that this alternator could test up correctly on a machine but not function correctly when under full boost.

it would be good to get as much info as possible as the mechanics where I live don't know too much bout these things and I can't afford for them to sting me. Where should I start?

I've fixed up earths everywhere and the plugs are new

mods are
front mount
fuel filter is new


red reading

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Sounds like the alternator exciter wire form the fuse box on the drivers side inner wing is breaking down, causing intermittent charging, could also possible be the crank pulley breaking up/separating , don't drive the car on boost till you sort it out as you risk lean running as the fuel pump is not getting the full voltage and will not flow enough.


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also could be the alt bracket isn't earthing through the block properly...I've had it happen to me once when I had all the brackets powdercoated