water leak?

Gaz gtiR

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well just pulled up on my drive & notice a hissing noise wen i turned the engine off. & noticed water pissin out on the floor down past oil filter?? :doh: so will have 2 get it on the rams tomoz. :roll: allso noticed it all the water pipes of the rad wer preasureised?? any ideas?? coz it shudnt just preasurise for no reason should it? :?


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There will be a certain amount of pressure, as the temp of the water in the system rises and falls so does the pressure. The max pressure of the system is set by what ever the the rad cap pressure is. The rad cap should stay shut and not release pressure into the expansion tank until that pre set pressure/temp is reached. So if your rad cap is stuffed then this will cause excessive pressure in the system and in turn find weak points in the system susceptible to leaks. If still original, the small hoses on the back of the block are close to 20 years old and famous for springing leaks that are especially hard to see or reach...........

Excessive pressure can also be caused by other factors but we wont go into that just yet :cry:

Fast Guy

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It might be the big one with the spring in if it's pissing out. When my oil cooler hoses leaked, it landed on the downpipe and burnt off before hitting the floor.