water leak

hi people,

ive got a big problem and if this isnt sorted i wont be able to go to JTS

there are no physical signs of water dripping from the car when the engine is off, but when i fire up the car there is a lot of water trickling down to the floor under the car.
when i put my hand just over the belt area (right hand side of the rocker cover) i can feel a lot of water spray. the belt is sparying the water into a fine mist so i cant locate the probem,

has anyone had this before and i need help??

cheers lee


if theres water spraying down by the belts with the engine running id say have a look down at the water pump see if the leaks coming from there

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Take the belt off, spray the area with brake cleaner let that evaporate then splash with some talc powder.then start the car and look with a bright torch.
but there is so much water mist i cant see a thing and plus looking from the top and underneeth i cant seea dam thing.

how big of a job is it to replace the water pump (if it is that)


id say its the water pump, easy enough to change. remove the engine mount to make things a little easyer, undo the 3 10mm bolts on the pulley when the belt is on, the rest is plane sailing.


yep does sound like the pumps leaking through the weep hole then the pulleys flicking the water everywhere.
about 2hr job to do that so no big deal lee


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The water pump is generally designed to be easy to replace; it's considered to be the sacrificial anode on most engines (so it corrodes before everything else). - I don't know if that is the case with these engines, but I would have thought so.
ok well ill do what danny told me first, and then if it is ill be asking for a step by step on fitting a new pump,

have you got a new pump ready bob??


only got s/h ones lee and tbh for the cost of them i would buy a new one if i were you
ok cheers and where would be the fastest place to get one ive only got 8 working days left to finish the car lol, or is it the fleebay way?


just get one from a local motorfactors there only about £30 new
I just got mine from southern exhausts for £41. Cheapest i found on ebay was about £49 plus postage.
I'm doing my water pump later on today. You done yours yet then sunnyjones?