water leak!!!


Hello fellow R lovers, im pretty new to the game and I recently bought my first R and instantly fell in love with it. right to the problem!
I let my mate drive my car around the bloke the other day and he thrashed the pants off it but when he came back there was a water leak dripping under the car. :doh:
it only leaks when the car is running so its obviously when theres pressure.
but the problem is that the water drips from the back of the engine and off the gearbox!!
Does any one know if there is a water hose situated at the back of the engine?:? if so i cant see it. thanks people.:thumbsup:


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yes there is,if i remember right theres afew of them i think,look in the gallery under engine out pictures,ull see them there mate,hope this helps

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When I had a leak like that it was the heater water pipe from the metal pipe (behind where the thermostat housing is) to the bulkhead.

Mine only leaked if I poked the jack handle through the passenger side wheel arch and moved the pipe.
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Hope you gave your mate a good thrashing around the block afterwards.:twisted:

Oh, and, welcome to the club.:thumbsup:
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Thanks very much for the info guys, lol now ive just got to find away to the back of my engine some how! I wasnt quite planning on taking to many things apart. but I will check all the things you have listed. oh and thanks for the greeting!!! :thumbsup: