Water leak


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Anybody know what hoses etc there are on the back of the engine. Mines suddenly decided to start gushing water out when i moved it last night :cry:


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I think there are 5 hoses on the back. 3 big ones and 2 small. If you need the part numbers pm me as i had all mine changed when i had the rebuild.

Fast Guy

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Fast Guy said:
Courtesy of Andy

Mr GTiR said:
As requested here are the part numbers for the 6 hoses round the back of the block. Deffo worth changing if your engine is out - just ask Uncle Winnet :wink:

N1405660U08 - £9.14
N1405554C06 - £12.79
N1405554C01 - £5.20
N1405640P13 - £2.13
N1405654C01 - £8.22
N1405654C05 - £9.90

Total - £47.38
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