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I know this is a dodgy subject in an none Scooby forum but was at the Welsh Rally last weekend and the 2000 spec WRC Imprezas have that really loud chirp to them:

http://britishrallying.com/videos/PICT0104.MOV right click and save as...

Is this an external wastegate or some Subaru thing? can we get R's to do the same? I get wastegate chatter but no chirp, oh and my car is stadard apart from the HKS filter!



does this look like tuning???????
moved :evil:


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Cool vid 8)

I think it's the bov :?

My Forge atmos bov sounds similar (not quite as squeaky) with the blue spring in it 8) :lol:
Maybe I should have a weaker spring in and I'm knackering the turbo, not sure :? :oops:
Dont suppose you have a photo of it or even better a drive by vid or something??

Really want a sound like that just to piss off the neighbours!

So i take it it doesnt sound like the normal psssssssssssst sound you get with a baileys dump valve?

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As I said, it depends which spring you put in it, put a weaker one in there and it goes pssstttttttt.

I'm not 100% sure it's meant to sound the way it does, but I like it and hope I'm not causing any damage to the turbo :shock:

This is the one I have:


I can't find the adjustment kit for it on the website anymore.
Reading the info on the website again, it sounds like mine should be making the Wooosh sound :oops: , better change the spring again :? :cry:


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At a guess its a high pitched chirping? If so its called reciprocation, air backing up over the turbo blades when backing off the throttle or changing gear. U will only hear it on a car equiped with a dump valve if either ur letting off at low revs, not enough pressure to open the DV so it back over the blades or if the spring is too tight in the dv causing the same problem. Yes it will slightly damage the turbo as its loading up the bearing and blade in the opposite direction to which its trying to spin.

Also just spoke to my Mum on the phone this morning who has been up in Wales and she told me about an accident Matthew Wilson had, did wonder what rally was going on.


Yeah he had a bad accident!!

Apparently the on board computer recorded him doin 124mph when he lost it and went from 104 to 0 in 2 seconds! lucky to be alive just goes to show how strong the modern day WRC cars are!

Just been reading it in Motorsport News! wondered why the rally was stoppped for a while.