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I am in a middle in doing my valve clearance and got these numbers.

Intake : 0.20 - 0.18 ¦ 0.12 - 0.15 ¦ 0.16 - 0.23 ¦ 0.27 - 0.21

Exhaust : 0.14 - 0.08 ¦ 0.12 - 0.16 ¦ 0.23 - 0.22 ¦ 0.20 - 0.16

Clearance was done between rocker and cam at around 15Deg C using 2 feeler gauges on each side of the rocker (as described in the manual).

I read bob's thread how to get rid of the play of the high numbers but what should i do to those numbers below 0.15mm (4 in total) ?

What is the tolerance factor or should they be 100% accurate 0.15mm


ev those clearances you did were they with the engine cold? thats when they need to be checked.

forget the 0.15mm that nissan specify.....aim to get them all at around 0.10mm (those that are 0.15mm or less at the moment do not touch)
those that are around 0.20 or bigger bring down to circa 0.10mm they do not have to be spot on can be slightly under or slightly over, we aim to keep them all within 0.05mm either side of the 0.10mm aimed for.

as long as there is a gap between rocker and cam when engines cold it will be fine as the gaps get bigger as engine heats up
hope that helps : )
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Yes with engine cold.. engine is still out of the car and temperature in the garage was around 15Deg C.

So basically the aim is 0.10mm ± 0.05mm

Thanks bob..