Uprated injectors

I'm after some uprated injectors...around 700cc.
Want to run around 350hp so any injectors that are good for this really.
Cash waiting.


Will you not get standard injectors to run 350 bhp....... I know they will be maxed but thought they will just make that power... Then again i am usually wrong... Mines running 326bhp @ 1.4 bar on standard injectors
Cheers for info mate, yer I did think about that but I'd like the option to go more later if needs be. I don't want the injectors/fueling under stress so would rather stick some bigger ones in that will happily cope. I need to get a re-map anyway as will be running a Z32 and already have a gt30 turbo.
Why dont you get on the evo forums. And pick up a set of evo 6,7,8,9 injectors. You always get a bargain with them and they fit perfectly :)