Unusual popping noise!



Hi there,

The other day whilst giving it a few beans, my engine seemed to slightly struggle between 5-6k momentarily before lettings two fast pops or cracks, then it carried on revving like normal. These cracks were the kind you hear when you hit the rev limiter (like sticato shots) or sometimes when you change gear as the R does run a little rich.This happened in third gear only which I found a little strange. I had the engine looked over the next day and nothing seemed wrong and it ran fine again. A couple of days later the same thing happened in first gear but at about 4k. WhenI got the car home I could hear a faint intimitant pop coming from the exhaust on tickover, though the engine seemed to be running fine.

Has anyone had these symptoms before? does this sound familier? I thought up untill I could hear the faint popping on idol that maby the leads are on the way out, but now I'm not sure. Any help would be much appreciated.




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Sounds like the timing is out to me.
It's letting unburnt fuel into the exhaust (so firing late I guess) which is why it's popping on idle and struggling at certain rpm.

I won't lie and tell you I know all about the engine, because I don't. I'm making a guess based on other cars I've owned.

Could the timing chain have skipped a link? - Surely that'd make a clank from the engine and make the timing run a little retarded afterwards? Probably just need the tension adjusted (or the tensioner replaced) and the timing reset.

Done a fault code? You'll probably find that the ECU is trying to compensate for it.

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check the valve clearance's,sound's possibley like the exhaust valve/s are being held slightley open due to them being to tight