turbo timer problem


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hi all hope someone can help??

my R is fitted with a TOAD alarm system which central locks and imboliser.
i been told if i want to fit a turbo timer i can,t unless i have the alarm rewired
anyone else had this problem or was this person talking shit?

cheers gav


i have a COBRA alarm on mine central lockin and immob, i also have a turbo timer, the timer and alarm work the only prob is i cant arm the alarm whilst turbo timer is on i have to lock it by key, the immob works still when engine cuts off, or do you want to arm it before hand?
As above, i cant arm my system when i use the timer, have to come back later and arm. Immobiliser cuts in as normal though.


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i have a toad alarm/immob which central locks and arms the immob, and my auto electrician said he would wire in my turbo timer when i got one so doesnt seem to be a prob! so what person was it? someone down the pub a bit jolly or a qualified auto electrician? if the auto elecy, ask another! i think it would be better to be able to arm the cars alarm and not have to wait for the turbo timer