Turbo feed filter location/mounting


How have you guys mounted your inline filters?

Not to keen on just letting it hang free in the line, and finding a place to mount it is proving a head ache.

The best place I have found is off the stud that the original pipes used to bolt to, but its pretty close to the turbo.

I am hoping it will be ok but just wanted to see what you guys think?

Tbh where ever I try to mount its always close to the turbo or elbow unless I start running stupid length lines.

Its only just hanging there atm, and I would obviously have to remove the rubber lining from the p clip and possibly may put abit of exhaust wrap around it before I mounted it.
But from there I think I can get a nice run up to the block with a 45degree and a banjo and off the right a 90degree then up and over onto the turbo with another banjo.


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I assume you'll need lines making up for it? If so, why not stick a stud or something in one of those threaded holes if they're not used and mount it there? It's the feed, so it's under pressure so mounting it slightly lower shouldn't cause any problems.


Its not the best pic tbh as my elbow is only half done lol,but the hole on the left will be in the way of the elbow and the hole on the right is getting a bit to far over for the line to be neat and would to have to come back on itself quite abit.

Where it is atm the filter outlet is pretty much spot on with the middle of the core and a 90 off that it would be straight up and over onto the turbo with minimal fuss.


I also see the hole below the 54c which maybe possible, but its still close to the turbo up there and the lines would be getting abit short and cramped up I think, also removing to clean it would be an arse lol.


Is yours still tucked up around the back of the turbo/elbow and does it sit close to them?

My main concern is the heat but mainly from when it is stopped,i think when its running with the oil flowing it should be ok.

Mostly melting the rubber seal or worst case the filters rubber end cap lol,being full of oil should keep it cool enough i would hope though,maybe i will just have to suck it and see.



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I put mine well away from the heat of the exhaust and turbo, Plus I figured it was easy to remove and clean where it was mounted, I don't like having to crawl around under my cars if i don't have to.

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