Trax 4th October 2020 -30th Anniversary meet

Are you coming to Trax 2020?

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Depending on the dates,stick my name down,would be good to meet folk who like to chuck there money into the pit of joy and despair.

fubar andy

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I'm good with anything for the 30th Anni.

Plus it gives me a reason to get the car back on the road.


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Mine's currently in bits for a full back to standard respray. I acquired a rather nice GTR to sit next to the baby GTR in the garage too. Definitely up for coming as long as my car's in order but there's plenty of time.


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Trax was a no go due to the time of year - a lot of people were against it haha. The 30th stand was originally booked for japfest May 2020 - but as soon as silverstone release the calendar for next year we will book on for Japfest again which should hopefully be held again in May.