To mesh or not to mesh


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After doing a search i found this had been covered before about 3 years ago so i was wondering has any one had bad experiences with an unmeshed front bumper with FMIC since then.Ive got mine unmeshed at the moment,im having the bumper sprayed next week and was thinking of meshing it at the same to protect the FMIC but i think it looks a bit chav meshed.
Opinions about meshing and insults over the chav bit will all be received with thanks.


wont be saying that when you get a nice big hole in ya cooler



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Over the years, judging by the size and amount of the dings in the mesh on he front of mine I would say mesh it. Unless yoy want to be stuck out in the middle of knowhere with a car that won't run because youv'e got a bloody great hole in the cooler.



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So the sensible but not as nice option is mesh it.
Still dont know but i should mesh it as i do alot of motorway driving.


you've got about as much chance of holing the radiator as you have holing a front mount and how often do you hear of that happening...??? meshing looks sh*t and blocks air flow to the core, there's no need for it.


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thats because theres a bumper in the way of the radiator but a intercooler is right at the front and wide open most of the time

gtir bean

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unless the mesh is fine it wont stop much and if anything heavy hits it will just bend it back mesh wont be too bad looking.


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Too late,ive cut it already.The cars all white and the only thing black on it is the tyres so i cant put black mesh on it cos i reckon it'll look poo.


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mesh it, it looks the best! and if your all white, then do a silver mesh.

i couldnt be assed having to straighten all the little metal flaps on my front mount every time a stone hit it and bashed them down, bloody tedious


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My R is Black and front mount was out on its own for a while.

then I got some black mesh and thought that safer and bit more dicreet.

Then I took it off again as it looks better without mesh.

Never had any dings or kinks in front mount nor have I heard of any..

If something strong enough to do that is near the front, then its gonna go through the mesh anyway unless you have it really tight and its strong.

Don't mesh it I'd say.
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I've just put my intercooler on, and decided to go for the mesh first. Its just as easy to rip it off if I feel like a change sometime down the line! :D
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Sorry dude, don't know if its the colour of the mesh or just the mesh itself but that looks kinda max power and gay imo....

Just my opinion mind, but I think it doesn't go with the car or add anything.

Each to their own thou!