Suspension noise


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I'm looking to sort this suspension noise I've got since the track day, but I can't quite work out where it's coming from.

It's a sort of CREAK CREAK CREAK CREAK noise coming from N/S front mainly when I turn right. I do occasional get it (although less) turning left; and sometimes on the power up a hill (but not really when I'm off the power or coming down).

It's not a rattle or rumble like the sound of bearings loose in a racing (although I suspect the wheel bearings are on the way out because of the movement I can get if I wiggle the wheel).

It's not a clicking noise like a CV joint, and the boots all seem to be intact (and feel like there's grease under them).

I've had the wheel off and can't see anything obvious; the track rod end is looking a little worn, but otherwise it's fine. - There's no real movement if I grab the top and bottom of the wheel and wiggle, but there's a bit (and I can hear a creak) when I grab the sides and wiggle.
The bushes look OK to me; none of them are more than a couple of years old, and although it's not especially pretty they all look to be in the right place and secure.

I can't work-out if the sound it coming from the strut/spring assembly, or the steering rack. - If I sit on the fender and bounce there's no noise, but maybe it's the twisting motion when steering rather than an up-down motion that does it.

I'm confident that the wheel isn't about to fall off, but that doesn't mean I'm not concerned about the noise.

So who has tips/advice/experience that can point me in the right direction?

Here are some ideas I had, but I don't know if they make any sense or not:
  • The "pillow ball" on the top of the strut is shagged, and the noise is metal on metal because there's no rubber there any more. - It only makes a noise when you load the strut then put steering input in which twists the strut with the hub.
    I have grabbed hold of the spring and tried to give that a wiggle; I get nothing (so I'm reasonably confident that it hasn't snapped).
  • At least one of the bushes on the steering rack has worn, and this is the noise of the rack shifting slightly in the mounting. - Although it does sound like the noise might be coming from the rack, I haven't noticed any less feedback or vagueness than usual (which I would have thought would indicate a loose rack).
    I also would have though it would make noise all the time (or when steering in either direction).
  • The bottom ball joint in the hub is shot, and so the whole strut is trying to twist instead of pivoting on that point.


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a creak sounds like a dry bush.simple and easy way to start is spray all the bushes with wd40 and make sure all the nits and bolts are tight.thats what id be starting with.and for the strut tops drop them down and pack the top with some grease and that will tell you if they are worn or not.faili.g that it could be strut top bearings or a knackered bush somewhere

johnny gtir

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When i read your post before the reply i thought strut top bearing but it should do it standing on the spot. Get someone to steer sit on the front cross member put weight on try it after that as you have done jack it up shake things. Drive shaft nuts tight ?


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The drive shaft nut was tight, but I took it off and banged the shaft out of the hub a bit to see if there was anything obviously wrong with it. - It all seemed OK so I put it back on and "torqued" it by standing on the wheel brace attached to the socket.

I've had a noise from this hub that was thought to be a shot bearing before, and turned out to be a loose drive shaft nut; that's why I've already got a socket that fits it.


I've seen it in the past on other cars that a bottom ball joint will creek if it's gone dry of grease?But as said before I'd be looking at the strutt? Worn inserts in your shocks?


Could be the spring creaking on the top plate if the rubber seat is worn, or similarly the bottom one where it sits into the shocker. Also could be a dry lower ball joint or track rod end as you said, or if there is corrosion on the spring where say the top couple of coils touch (assuming that you have lowering springs fitted) it could be creaking against itself under load buddy, strip it down and check it and grease it all up mate, theres not that many moving parts to be fair so it should be reasonably easy to find.


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In typical GTiR fashion it seems to have just stopped doing it.
On the basis cars don't get better mate, this'll come back - from what you've described - strut top bearing - just had one of mine replaced on the Sunny from Nissan main dealer - £160 fitted.....


yeah i would say strut top bearing or spring may have turned but reseated itself in strut


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yeah i would say strut top bearing or spring may have turned but reseated itself in strut
That would also make sense; it did sound like a metal-on-metal noise, and it was rhythmic like a spring bouncing (so much slower than a shaft or bearing turning). - The act of raising it on the jack and wobbling the strut may have just re-seated it so that it stopped making the noise.

I suspect I will need to change that strut to bearing if I don't want it to do it again the next time I drive in a spirited fashion.