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right my sunroof leaks when it rains, i've cleared all the guttering and cleaned the seal but the problem is still there does anyone know where i can get a new rubber from and the part number please??:x


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Are you sure the sunroof is sitting in the correct place when you close it? On my cousins it can sometimes sit funny and leave a gap, maybe its going a little too far or a little too short and not sealing that way rather than the actual seal being perished or similar?

Unfortunately i dont know the part number but tbh i wouldn't have thought it would be too expensive as im sure the normal sunny with sunroofs are the same as the R. Ask the nissan dealer for a normal sunny price then the r price and see what the difference is, then get them to check whether there is an actual parts difference id be pretty certain there wont be.

If no joy this way PM pulsarboby, im sure he will have come across these in his slavaging procedures lol.


davey red.r

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yeah bob sorted me out with a sunroof,40quid,
the plastic exterior trim split on mine,so i just bought the whole thing,
still havnt had it fitted:oops: