suggestions for coilovers


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thinking of buying a set of coilovers and not too sure what to get. looking for something comfortable ang good value has anyone any suggestions????


if you want fully adjustable damping/ride height , the apex (apex performance) ones are pretty good , been running them a while and all is good , i would even say there as good as the teins if not better as there softer and go equally as stiff , plus they come with adjustable top mounts , pretty sure there the same as BC's

both my sets of teins leaked

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do you have the comfy apex ones? I so how hard is the ride?

The apex/bc coilovers have stronger springs than the tein's (bc =5 fr,4 rr...tein is 4fr,3rr) so the hold the car's weight ,and the damping is soft/mild (similar to a standard car) on the lowest setting,to solid (tein like) on the hardest. you can get differant spring's and damping set-up's upon order with apex too......


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they had a piss poor reputation for reliability.
Leaky Leda's as they used to be known :lol:

They went bust 2 or 3 years ago and got taken over so recent ones might be better but everybody i know thats involved in motorsport wouldnt touch them with a barge pole!


I used to have Leda coilovers on my car but it failed it's mot because they were leaking. They couldn't be fixed so I've just got some BC's as a stop gap, I'm really happy with them, they're really easy to adjust and the drive is fantastic although only time will tell if they last. Leda do still make coilovers for the Pulsar, but they cost £350 a corner +VAT, I would suggest for that sort of money you need to be doing a serious quantity of racing to get any value out of them.


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I'm going to buy some bc coilovers I think these are proberly best value for money. I put d2's on my last R they handled good ride was a wee bit hard but for 500 quid it's not bad.


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I'm really just looking for some coilovers or shocks for normal every day driving, and not for track using.
My standard ones are still pretty good but I want to change them out as the car is a bit too low.

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forget coilovers for road use.waste of money, had tein superstreets crap.locate some good gabs or kyb,s specials and new springs.had both on previous gtir,s and were better than coilovers mate,spend the money on the above before coilovers if its just a road car you use it for.