Starting problems

Danny S R

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Right, where do i start!

Just fitted a profec B and a walbro, set up for 1 bar everythin runnin perfect, BUT unplugged profec after a couple of days to move it to other side of the dash, while it was unplugged i was fittin a dash bulb went to start the car to check all bulbs ok, car spluttered and died, thoug it was coz the profec was unplugged put it all back together and... nothin! Anythin i done above upset anythin or do u think the fuel pump needs lookin at?
Worst thing is it started this mornin and idled like normal,twice! Then just now, not even tryin to start!


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How much fuel have you got in the tank???

Ive known of cars that have had a walbro fitted not having the pipe not low enough to suck fuel up, even if the guage is reading 1/4 of a tank. see if fuel is getting to the injector rail by pulling the rubber hose off, feed preferably, and turning the car over, just to see if fuel is getting through.