Starter motor won't turn


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heres the nissan bulletin. :) hope this helps. Dunc

Sunny GTI-R - N14 models starter motor removal


Queries regarding the removal procedure for starter motors on GTI-R Sunny models have been received.

Detailed below is a guide on how to gain access to and remove the starter motor.
(Note: The procedure is not exhaustive and should be used as a guide only).

1. Disconnect the battery negative lead.

2. Remove the right hand wing wheelarch liner.

3. Remove the two (2) mounting brackets on top of the transfer box.

4. Remove the oil filter.

5. Unbolt the 'gussett' shield (triangular metal sheet) bolted to the top of the inlet manifold and the transfer box. Push back towards the bulkhead (it is not possible to remove). It may also be necessary to remove the power steering feed pipe.

6. From the top of the vehicle, remove the starter motor cables.

7. Remove the air intake and turbo pipes as necessary, to gain access to the starter motor retaining bolts.

8. Remove the bolts. With the assistance of a colleague, the starter motor can be lowered through the engine compartment to the underside of the vehicle.


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