Starter motor wiring help!


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Im currently halfway through fitting a development battery relocation kit, and i need to put a wire onto the starter motor solenoid wire. Given the bitch of the location of the starter motor ive decided to join the new wire to the wire from the igntion switch, trouble is ive misplaced my manual so dont know which wire it is or where abouts il find it :roll:

If anyone knows which wire im talking about please help, and then il be able to put up a full post about this kit, as theres alot more to it than the way described in the how to guides :!:



are you talking about the trigger wire or the permanent feed?

think the trigger is a large white cable, but am unsure about this.

get a test light if your unsure, or make one out of a bulb and two wires

ive just rewired my feed so it goes direct to the starter rather than of the original battery terminal.


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its ok mate, i eventually found the manual and the trigger wire is a black and white wire.

i will be writing up a detailed instruction manual for fitting the relocation kit as it has a few more bits of kit on it as opposed to the one on the how to guide