Spacers and laguna splitter


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I have just mounted the 3mm spacers and it seems ok, but I want to be shure as it
would be horrible loosing a wheel while driving.
Did you modify anything when you put on yours or did the lug nuts get enough grip to
keep the wheels on safely?

Regarding the splitter I see that there is a plastic cover under the car that is mountet partly in the bumber (not the tow bar cower)
I wonder if thhose screws will get in the way when installing the splitter, and if so
have you guys removed it or modified it in any way?


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Why would you want to fit spacers ??

and no the splitter will fit on without removing the plastic underbody guards (although I ripped mine off years ago)


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3mm is not too dramatic but any spacers can put a strain on wheel bearings and suspention.... carry a nice wheel brace and check the nuts often until you are happy that the spacers have bedded in and you get no further twist on the wheel nuts. Not going overboard with the torgue obviously. Hopefully, you and see tread close to the end of you wheel nut.
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