Small leak???


Jonny H

Morning all! Over the last few weeks ive been getting small patches of oil everywhere i leave the car.......On one occassion after turning the ignition off i looked underneath the car and saw a couple of drips, dripping off the bottom of the oil sump.......I replaced the oil (due for a change) and replaced the sump washer but im still getting small amount dripping from somewhere....but i dont know where from :oops: Its not the clutch slave cylinder as the clutch oil level isnt going down at all and the amount thats dripped on our driveway im sure i would have noticed :roll: Any ideas where to look?


could be from anyware really, i had a leak like that and it turned out to be the oil pipe that feeds the turbo had split !

Fast Guy

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Have you checked it's definately engine oil? It could be the transfer box oil getting thrown about in the turbulance or even power steering fluid.

If it is engine oil deifinatly check the filter is on tight, as a couple of people have had them come loose after an oil change :?


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Get the car on ramps and as stu says look for the highest oil patch and try and trace it from there.

There are a number of things it could be, if you can clean all the oil on the engine off and see if you can see a line from where ever its coming from, if you can start and look under it while its running, if its bad yoiu should see the oil leak.



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park u car under some news paper and secure it with bricks. move ur car in morning and locate where leak is.
it could be the following

power steering
tranny box

you sure its not water??